Why Use A Commercial REALTOR ®?

Why Use A Commercial REALTOR ®?

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Using a Commercial REALTOR® in today's real estate transaction will add value to the deal. The Commercial REALTOR® is the key contact on core areas of expertise, including not only brokerage, but other services such as investment, management and consulting.

Code of Ethics
Commercial REALTORS® subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics and are expected to maintain a higher level of knowledge of the process of buying and selling real estate.

Resources of the real estate professional along with the process utilized by the experienced Commercial REALTOR® are the cornerstone of the transaction. The value of Market knowledge, negotiation skills and innovative strategic approaches is priceless when it comes to closing a deal.

Market Knowledge
A Commercial REALTOR® can provide in-depth knowledge regarding the market. This includes interpreting the data and presenting it in a logical format for clarity to the client.

Negotiating Skills
A third party in the negotiation process is invaluable on several fronts. A more favorable contract price can be negotiated with the proper structuring and expertise of an experienced real estate professional, enhancing the buyer or seller's position. The Commercial REALTOR® will provide the client with a buffer, protecting the client's proprietary information.

Innovative and Strategic Approaches
The Commercial REALTOR® stays abreast of the changing real estate business in terms of technology and financing. The Commercial REALTOR® handles and coordinates all aspects of the transaction process, giving the client time to capitalize on the clients own business activities. Strategic approaches are used by the Commercial REALTOR® in analyzing the client's unique requirements. These approaches lead to cost-effective solutions.

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