Santa Fe Specialist


The following Realtors® have achieved the Santa Fe Specialist designation by the Santa Fe Associate of REALTORS® for successfully completing over 30 continuing education credit hours of Santa Fe-centric courses and passing a required exam. The Santa Fe Specialist (SFeS) designation was launched by the association in August 2019 after four years of curriculum development in collaboration with local Santa Fe experts offering over 30 hours of coursework in the areas of history, culture, arts, architecture, commercial real estate, land use, city and county regulations, construction, property title, mineral and water rights, liquid waste and disposal, governance and Realtor® state or national resources.

Suzanne Archuleta
Jeff Assad
Anthony Atwell
Andrew Ault
Jackson Blagden
Katherine Blagden
Susan Brownell
Natalie Buschborn
Liz Cale
Katrina Caswell
Margaret Chavez
Tanya Clokey
Robert Collins
David Cordova
Coleen Dearing
Mindy DeMott
Carol Dumont
Beth Faure
Carol Hamilton
Stephanie Hamilton
Iwona Iwaniuk-Borisenko
Lisa Jessie
Stephanie Johnson-Samuel
Matthew Kreitzer
Stefan Lark
Beata Lewis
Lise Knouse
Malissa Kullberg
Joshua Maes
Ashley Margetson
Dan Marshall
Adair Montgomery
Vivian Nelson
Susan Orth
Jane Reid
Natalie Rivera-Benavent
Julia Rose
Caroline Russell
Karren Sahler
Angelina Garcia Sandoval
Kristin Sargent
Theresa Shrader
Carl Van Steen
Caroline Van Steen
Paul Stenberg
Lois Sury
JoAnne Vigil Coppler
Alan Vorenberg
Anne Vorenberg
Patrick Walker