Guiding Principles

Santa Fe Association of REALTORS Guiding Principles

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Property Rights

Realtors® believe private property rights are one of the fundamental tenets on which our nation was founded. These rights preserve the free enterprise system, along with the right to own, use, and transfer real property.

Realtors® believe home ownership is part of the American dream. It fosters responsibility and stability in communities, grows positive civic values, and increases individuals’ financial security.

Quality of Life, Sustainability, and Environmental Protection

Realtors® recognize the superb landscape and natural amenities in which Santa Feans are privileged to live; they are firmly committed to protecting our quality of life. Realtors® urge vigilance and action in the protection of the quality of our air, water, and land. Environmental restrictions to protect these important qualities of living should involve current science, economic considerations and principles of sustainability.

Realtors® recognize water as one of the cornerstones of private property rights. They support a common-sense approach to governmental control of ownership rights and usage of this valuable resource.

Santa Fe local government must work to ensure through adequate funding that our communities are safe; that our citizens have access to amenities such as parks, bike and hiking trails, and sidewalks; and that services such as water, sewer, and trash collection are managed prudently and conservatively.

A Thriving and Affordable Community for All

Realtors® advocate for legislative measures aimed at increasing the availability and affordability of housing to all residents of Santa Fe in the area where they work, play, and shop.

Realtors® support ways to manage growth by permitting varied housing opportunities and directing growth through infrastructure investments. Realtors® encourage infrastructure financing strategies that utilize prudent debt service with the issuance of general obligation bonds, a broadened tax base, and methods to leverage existing resources.

Realtors® are also committed to pursuing reasonable, incentivized, market-driven growth strategies that meet the region’s housing needs, expand homeownership opportunities, help revitalize Santa Fe, build attractive and livable neighborhoods, thus allowing for continued economic prosperity and acknowledging that housing is a key economic driver in our community. Realtors® recognize Santa Fe as an international tourist destination committed to providing a unique and authentic visitor experience through a wide variety of housing and stay options while preserving Santa Fe’s existing historical character.

To sustain our local businesses, Realtors® support the improvement of telecommunications facilities and the availability of high-speed, broadband internet access throughout the Santa Fe region.

Realtors® support legislative initiatives that encourage local governments to proactively consult with the real estate industry before imposing or amending regulations or fees that impact their businesses.

Realtor® Commitment to Excellence

Realtors® are committed to enhancing the real estate profession by fostering lifelong learning through the delivery and support of high-quality, entrepreneurial and career-oriented real estate educational programs and licensing requirements.

Lastly, Realtors® adhere to a Code of Ethics that includes duties to clients and customers and to the public. Realtors® subscribe to the policy of fair housing and work alongside consumers to ensure a free and open housing market in Santa Fe.

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